Friday, August 15, 2014

Mother – A 10 times repeater…

Few days back, my childhood friend called. As usual we had a long chat sharing our day to day life, talking about happiness, problems and of course husband. Being family friends, we not only know each other but know in and out of each other’s family.  That is the reason we can share anything and everything together.
My friend was complaining about her mother repeating each and every thing 10-20 times. She was complaining saying, “Mom calls in office time and then goes on and on with her problems and repeat everything she say at least 10-20 times.” Even I started wondering about the same thing. Even my mother got the habit of repeating the same thing over and over again. I wonder why all mothers think that they have to repeat everything they say for minimum 5-10 times and that we don’t get it right at the first shot. I am sure it’s the same case with you too. I know it get on to our nerves and its hell irritating and frustrating, especially when we are in some different mood, in some different situations.
Luckily, when my friend called I was at my sister’s place. Probably so, I was able to think on some different lines. I am seen my sister’s life very closely. My sister’s life revolves around her 4yrs old daughter Ahana. Her morning starts with a sweet talk with Ahana while waking her up. Once up, the instruction list starts and then it goes on and on throughout the day.  
Go to toilet
Wash your hands and face
Brush your teeth etc.
And this is a daily scenario. If she miss on something, Ahana surely gonna miss on doing it. So she has to repeat the list every day. Few instructions she has to repeat 10 times a day. Like drink water, don’t sleep and watch Tv, don’t sleep and read etc. With time instruction and its pattern might change. But they will be repeated over and over again till Ahana develops a habit of doing it. At 4, Ahana has already showing the sign of frustration, especially when Tai as her to go to toilet. “Don’t talk about going to toilet, I don’t like it” is Ahana’s cry. And then Tai goes on explaining or sometimes scolding her saying, “Then don’t complain about stomach pain”. It’s a daily scenario these days.
Once in my reading, I read that to develop any habit in ourselves we should follow 45 days pattern. If we tend to do anything for 45 days, we soon develop a habit of it. So now imagine our mothers have being repeating the instructions for so many years. Rather they had to for our own good. So they have developed a habit of repeating everything.  
Today what we are is because of our mother and because of her instructions. We have developed so many good habits because of her, so can’t we just ignore her habit of repeating the same thing over and over again. And probably it’s we who have developed this habit in our mother. So we should not be complaining about it. When I shared my thoughts with my friend we both had a great laugh.
As it is said, “By the time a women realizes her mother was right, she has a daughter who thinks she’s wrong”

-Love you Mom. This is for you on your 64th Birthday
15 August 2014

Thursday, August 7, 2014

How babies ‘WERE’ born…

Hey! Don’t get too excited. I am not here to discuss how babies are born or about sex. Read the topic again. The topic says, “How babies ‘WERE’ born”. I am always excited and curious to know how babies ‘were’ born in our ancient epics. If I come across with any new character from our epics, first thing that comes to my mind is how he or she was born. I have been hearing stories of Ramayan and Mahabharat since childhood.  Birth of few characters in those epics has always amazed me. I am not challenging the stories or its creation or hurting any Hindu sentiments here. I always believed that we were much more advanced in those days than we are today. But it’s a fact that few babies born in those days were not natural.
Hanuman: is a son of Kesari and Anjana. Story of Hanuman birth is also very complicated.  Kesari and Anjana prayed to lord Shiva for a child.  By Shiva's direction, Vayu or Pawan transferred his male energy to Anjana's womb. Accordingly, Hanuman is identified as the son of the Vayu/Pawan. Thus Hanuman is also called as Pawanputra.
My Note: Wow! I have learned about wind, water, insect pollination etc. wherein pollen grains are carried from one place to another and where wind, water or bees acts as a pollen vector. But these types of pollination are restricted to plants. I have never heard of any human beings or animals being pollinated in that fashion.
Just imagine wind- pollination working for human beings. How scary it sounds.

Makardhwaja:  is the son of Hanuman and a crocodile. It’s said that, Hanuman took a dip in the water after burning Lanka. While doing so, a drop of his perspiration fell in to the mouth of giant crocodile making her pregnant.
My Note: Now hearing this story, few questions arise in my mind.
How can someone’s perspiration make anyone pregnant?
Except for a Mule, I have not heard of two different species give birth to someone.
Thank god, today we don’t have these facilities. We all might be worried while going out for a swim. And with two different species mating with each other we would definitely not have any pets at home. PHEW!

Pandawas: The birth story of all Pandu putra is also very amazing.
It’s said that, Brahmin rishi, Kindam and his wife were making love in the forest when Pandu accidentally shot them, mistaking them for deer. Before dying, Kindam cursed the king to die when he engages in intercourse with any woman. Due to this curse, Pandu was unable to father children. After Pandu's disability, the Pandavas were conceived in an unusual way. His wife, Queen Kunti, had in her youth been granted the power to invoke the Devas by Rishi Durvasa. Each Deva, when invoked, would bless her with a child.
Kunti gave birth to Karna by invoking lord ‘Surya’. Afraid of being an unwed mother Kunti, placed the baby in a basket and set him afloat on a river.
Yudhisthira was born by invoking the Lord of judgement, ‘Dharma’.
Bhima by invoking the God of wind, ‘Vayu’.
Arjun by invoking the god ‘Indra’
It’s said that Kunti also shared the boon with Pandu’s second wife Madri, who then invoked Ashwin Kumar to beget Nakul and Sahadev. 
My Note: Thank god, Kunti was the last one to receive this kind of blessing. Just imagine we are blessed with it too. Then, we too would have names our children in American style. Like in America, mother name her child as Tomson, Jackson to know who their father is, we would have named our children as Ravi putra, Vayu putra, Indra putra etc.

Dhritarashtra, Pandu and Vidur :  The birth story of these legends is also very complicated. After Vichitraviry's death, his mother Satyavati sent for her first born, Vyas. According to his mother's wishes, he visited both the wives of Vichitravirya to grant them a son with his yogic powers. When Vyas visited Ambika, she saw his dreadful and forbidding appearance with burning eyes. In her frightened state, she closed her eyes and dared not open them. Hence her son, Dhritarashtra, was born blind.
Then when Vyas visited Ambalika, Vichitravirya’s second wife, she did keep her eyes open but she became pale after seeing the formidable form of the Sage. Therefore, Pandu was born pale.
Being shocked by Vichitravirya’s wife Satyavati then decided to send Parishrami, the maid to the queens Ambika and Ambalika and Vidur was born.
My Note: Were we really so advance in those days that with yogic power we were able to produce babies?  Today if this kind of power exists, then, woman when detected with infertility would prefer to visit a yogi instead of visiting a Genealogist. Or probably this kind of power might be included in our educational syllabus for Genealogist.  
Draupadi: She is said to be born from fire.
 I am grateful that these things do not happen in Kaliyug. Just imagine, a girl going out for a job and becoming pregnant on the way back home. Or going for a swim on a nice lazy weekend and getting out from the pool with a baby in hand. And two different species giving birth to something, is just indigestible.  I always believe that our ancestors were much more advanced and technologically sound that we are today. And if we talk about technologies in those days …
Ramayan :
a.          It’s said that Ravan kidnapped Sita and took her to Lanka from Pushpak Viman. Today, after so many thousand years we have developed an airplane.
b.         It’s said we had lots of weapons in those days like Bhramastra – which is like nuclear weapon, Pashupat astra, Aindra astra, Agneya astra, Varun astra, Naga astra, vayu astra, Surya astra, Vajra astra, Mohini astra, Twasthar astra, Pramohan astra and many more. It’s said that those astra were much more advanced and had power to bring rain, to emit flames, to release torrential amount of water, create a dazzling light etc. If we say it’s all fake, then at least we should respect that they have got the power to imagine these kinds of weapons. And the description of Bhramastra is just like a nuclear weapon that we have developed today. So how can we say it’s all fake.
Mahabharat: It had all the miracles and wonders one can imagine.   
a.          Gandhari and Dhritarashtra had 100 sons and they were born in a pot. Today we have developed a technology of Test-tube babies or IUV. But probably we have still not reached that level. Today the fertilization is done in test tube and after some time is inserted back in women’s womb.  Gandhari instead had grown all 100 babies in pots itself. No women and give birth to 100 sons in natural way.
b.         When Kansa imprisoned Devaki and Vasudev, Rohini came to their rescue and agreed to give birth to their son Balram. Is it not like a surrogate mother that we have today?  Only the technology we had has to be much more advanced for sure.

On a lighter note, 'How babies WERE born' in our ancient epics has always been and will always be a topic of curiosity. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Let your hair down…

Much awaited Sunday was here. After a hectic two weeks, I decided to set myself free on this Sunday. It’s nice to let your hair down once a while and go a bit wild. A day when you pamper yourself, spoil yourself to fullest. Yesterday was one such day. I already declared it to Rahul that kitchen will be closed for morning lunch. He never had objection over it. Or rather, he never had a choice  J . Sunday being working for Rahul, he had to push his butt up the bed. I overslept till the time Rahul woke me up after preparing a bed tea for me. Love you darling for that! This is heaven, I told myself. I love tea and I love it more when it’s prepared by someone else. Who doesn’t?

Sunday is usually a cleaning day. But today I was ignoring all the dust and the mess. All I wanted was a time for me. Sleeping on the couch, I watched TV for a while. To my luck, they don’t play those Saas-Bahu serials on Sunday. Thank god. A new reality show, “India’s Best Dramebaaz” is been telecast on Zee TV. A nice show to watch with lots of kids showing how Dramebazz they are. There is one such participant from Pune, Shruti, she is just Too much. Full 2 dramebaaz. All I did was take a sip of tea, relax on couch and watch TV.

 I then decided to take a parlor appointment and pamper myself little more. To my regret, all the appointments were full. Fine I said. I then took a one hour bath. Just relaxing, calm, quite, no thoughts running, no worries. It was just me, myself. Then doing Pooja, and preparing something to eat, I decided to catch some Z’s. Even after sleeping for 2 hours I was in no mood of getting up from the warm blanket. I woke up to eat a bowl full of ice-cream. Needless to say, I ate it while watching TV and relaxing on the couch.

After 8.00pm I finally pushed myself up to prepare dinner. I might not have got a whole day, but those few hours that I had was all for myself.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our heart speaks…

Once upon a twilight
Over the coffee we met
A day when love found its way
And our breath was taken away
A life-long romance started
With ups & down ‘n trouble & trails
We were always there for each other
Holding hands and wiping each other’s tears
We were making a big decision of life
A rebel with positive hope of light
And with that made one promise
To prove our decision is ‘Right’
God listened to our prayers
And everything was smooth and fine
Our heart was jumping with joy
We had a big reason to smile
The wedding bells were on the list
Just like a dream
With a twinkle in eyes ‘n with a pure heart
We said “I Do”
Together we opened a new chapter in our life
And a responsibility that came with it
Faith and understanding was all that we had
To prove ‘Together we can’
We fight like cats & dogs
Irritate each other a lot
Few habits we can’t stand
But are crazy and lust for each other
Half year has gone by
Year of joy and happiness
A year of caring ‘n standing by
And fulfilling our promises
All I pray to you O’ god
Is to keep us happy and wise
Let the childish smiles stay on our face
And we hurt no one even by mistake.
                       -           Sharvani & Rahul Pethe

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rohida-Raireshwar: Trek report

Rohida – Raireshwar...

Date: 2-3 July 2011 (departure on 1st July 2011 @ 12.30am)

Route: Chakram office – Mulund -> Bajarwadi village (approx. 225km) -> Rohida fort climb -> Bajarwadi village -> Depart for Raireshwar -> Ambaghar village -> Korle village -> Raireshwar climb & stay -> Korle -> Mulund


Rohida fort – ‘GiriDurg’ is situated to the south of Bhor. It is also known as ‘Vichitragad’ and ‘Binicha-killa’.
- Geographically Raireshwar is more like a table platue, which spans over 20 Kms in length and 7 Kms in breath.

Historical significance:
– Rohida was built during the reign of the Yadavas. Post 1656, this fort became a part of Shivaji Maharaja's Swarajya. In 1666, the Moghuls conquered the fort but could not hold it for long. On June 24, 1670, Shivaji Maharaj recaptured the fort.
– Raireshwar is situated in Bhor Taluka near Pune, India. Raireshwar has a temple famous for its historical importance. The temple is very old and of stone structure, but it was later re-constructed in 18th century. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj took the oath of Hindavi Swarajya in this temple at the age of 16 in 1645 and then created history.

Places of attraction:
– Old temple, few big water tanks, Chor darvaja, Buruj (bastion) on North East Face, Chuna grinding wheel. Raireshwar, Kanjalgad and Rajgad are visible from Rohida.
– Shiv temple where Shivaji Maharaj took the oath, water tanks, Aswalkhinda. Kenjalgad, Kamalgad, Sinhagad are easily visible from Raireshwar. The main people leaving on this fort are ‘Jangam’.

Trek experience:
After a long break from trekking, I was eagerly looking fwd for this trek. But all went wrong that day. All the plans got shattered. My journey started with Hinjewadi, Pune to Mulund, Mumbai. I had a reservation of Shivneri bus whose departure time from Swargate was 6.00pm and was supposed to reach Hinjewadi by 6.45pm. The bus arrived in Hinjewadi at arnd 8.15pm. 2hrs long boring wait took away the zeal of trekking. I reached my Mumbai home at arnd 10.45pm and had only an hour for packing. Packing ‘Only the basic stuff’ I took off. It was a relief when I realized that I was not the last to arrive. Too tired I dozed off to sleep.

Friday Night: We took off to Bhor at around 12.30am.

Saturday –Day one: We reached Bajarwadi village. Eating our breakfast (idali-chatni) we started our climb at around 6.00am. Within no time we reached Rohida fort and did some sightseeing. At around 11.00am we started descending from Rohida. On our way back, we learned that it’s now possible to go to Raireshwar top via bus from Korle village (which is a new road constructed) or via Wai village. What a relief it was. We all lazy people decided to use the easiest mode of climbing and took off at arnd 12.30pm hoping to reach Raireshwar within no time and having our lunch. It was a decission taken as a group to go via bus. All we wanted or thought of doing luxurious trek without sweating and only enjoying the day. But the faith had decided something else for us. The clock turned, turning our faith. It all went wrong afterwards. No decision seemed to favour us.

We descended from Rohida fort too early and so decided to have our lunch on reaching Raireshwar. It was just half an hour after our bus took off towards Raireshwar when we realized that the road was too muddy for bus to pass. Some villagers told us, “It’s ‘The only’ bad patch which is muddy due to rains, and once you pass by this patch, it’s all good till the end.” So we decided to try out our luck. Requesting driver to pull off with the maximum speed, we decided to push the bus. We did it successfully only to realize that road is much muddier on the way up. The driver suggested not to take undue risk and worried that bus might get stuck in that mud. There was no point in pushing off when driver himself had no confidence. It’s his profession and he knows and understands the road condition better. And so, we again climbed down to try different route via Wai. Lazy bones!

Some people on the bus were very annoying. When we were tucked in that mud and were requesting driver to push off, some were engaged in making fun of the situation. All the rubbish things started with, “Look driver is getting frustrated as he is unable to meet his target. His boss has given him target of reaching the top of Raireshwar fort. Unable to do that he is tensed. In frustration he has now started smoking.” He even went ahead saying, “Oh! Mr. Smoking man, Mr. Smoking driver.” What an immaturity… How can someone employed in a reputed bank behave in such a nasty and childish manner? It was getting on my nerve when suddenly Gautami, yelled at him, “Show some maturity. What rubbish things are going on? Understand the situation and behave accordingly.” Even I yelled at him. It was really annoying. But I very well knew it was of no use and that these people will never improve and will never grow up mentally. Anyway…

I expressed my sincere thanks to the driver for accepting our request and taking up that first muddy patch. On the second such patch, he gave us his frank opinion of not taking risk and return back. After discussion, we all decided to listen to the driver. We came back to Korle Village and learned that the road via Wai is all the same. It was by that time 5.00pm. We decided to have our packed-lunch and then climb the Raireshwar as per our previous plan/schedule. Having our lunch, we took off to Raireshwar with ‘Watadya - Guide’ helping us showing the way up. Taking the count of the torched, we all took off. It took 3 hours for 25 people to climb. It was thrilling indeed. A big, long ladder added to our thrill. (There is a ‘Kaccha road’ which starts from Korle village and reaches near the ladder. It further goes to Wai village till Bhor village). This was my 3rd trek to Raireshwar but every time the fort looked so different, so new. We reached Raireshwar at 8.30pm. Shivaji – the villager at whose home we stayed, came to pick us up at the gate. Nevertheless to say, I dozed off again immediately being travelling since 6.00pm the previous night.

It was in the morning that I came to know one more nuisance created by few members. They all were chit-chatting till 1.00am. How can someone doesnot understand that we were guests staying at someone’s place and should behave in descent manner and should not annoy others. It was only after Amol, our leader interfered and asked everyone to go to sleep, that bunch of people maintained silence. One even went saying that, “Those who cannot enjoy should not be coming for treks”. I was pretty surprised to know that the person I thought to be much more mature and sensible than rest of her group members said those words. May be out of anger or frustration after all the bus story, she might have ended up saying it. So never mind. I think treks are not only for enjoyment, it’s an adventure in which one needs to respect the rules. Those who think rules are burden should go for a picnic instead. When you do trekking as passion and want to try out the difficult routes, the most needed thing is to follow the strict rules. Also leaders should hold power to withhold the crowd. These were the rules which I was taught to follow when I started trekking with the same group. And with the leaders under whose guidance I did treks, was pretty strict and we never dared to argue with their experience. Anyway, as I myself was hell tired I was fast asleep to realize or to hear the chaos. One more very bad thing I notice is that, whenever a girl leader scolds someone, the bunch of people terms her as rude or over smart. But when same thing is told by a guy leader, that bunch of crowd takes it in positive manner. It’s my overall observation across everywhere. Even at work place or anywhere else.

Sunday – Day Two: After much ‘Tu-Tu Main-Main’ last night we went for some sightseeing. We visited the temple where ‘Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’ took the oath of ‘Hindavi Swarajya – Freedom’ at the age of 16 along with few of his friends. Unfortunately, the temple was closed. As this was my 3rd trek to Raireshwar, I knew that there is a Lord Shankar Pindi inside and a beautiful portrait of Shivaji Maharaj cutting his finder with sword and taking oath of ‘Hindavi Swarajya’. I still remember my 1st trek to Raireshwar, wherein ‘Apte Kaka’ (A member of Chakram hikers and a well-known person for studding the history and who has visited all the forts of Shivaji Maharaj) told us the History of Shivaji Maharaj oath. Listening to that story, sitting inside 'that very' temple was thrilling. It was as if we were experiencing it all LIVE. As it was very foggy, we just visited few placed from where Sinhagad, Kamalgad and Kenjalgad are visible. After having lunch we started descending. Again getting down the ladder was exciting. We reached Korle village within three hours. Immediately after packing up we started our journey back home. It was approx. 3.00pm. As I was supposed to get down in Pune itself, I thought of reaching home by 5.00 – 5.30pm. But sometimes plans never seem to work, like what happened on this trek. Just after our bus took off on the road, driver realized that the rear wheel of the bus was damaged. We had to take the bus to nearby car mechanic. He did some welding and we again got into the bus. The cleaner again realized that the welding that was done was not proper and needed rectification. Again we all got down the bus and the driver took the bus back to the mechanic. To our disaster, the welding machine was then taken to Bhor by the owner for some work. It was then decided that we all should proceed to Bhor by government PMT while 2 leaders Parag & Manas - the most experienced leaders should go with the bus. Accordingly, when we reached Bhor by PMT bus, it was almost 7.00pm. We were told that the last bus Bhor-Borivali (Mumbai) would be taking off soon and if we missed on that, we had to wait till the next morning.

While we were deciding our next plan. It was my observation that some good experienced leaders were behaving in very improper manner. May be it was due to last night frustration that they were behaving harsh even while climbing down. Few things were definitely annoying, but that does not mean we shld be losing our temper. Such kind of things do happen during treks. Few situations are unavoidable and we shld accept those and shld work to solve those. It’s really not good to show our own frustration during that time. Something which we can control, we should and will. But frustration or anger or short temper worsens the situation. Even though she came as a member, she was looked as one of the good experienced girl leader. Few things done were too dramatic to handle.

We requested the driver to wait until our two leaders arrive. Luckily they agreed and when Manas & Parag joined us, we started our journey back. The travelling tragedy did not ended here. Just before the Toll-Naka near Pune – Satara road, our PMT driver dashed a new BMW car. We then had to go to the police station for registering the FIR complaint. It took more than an hour. Finally I got down the bus at around 9.30pm at Pune. Waving good bye to my friends, I reached home. As the bus was of Borivali, my friends had to get down at Sion, some 20km away from Mulund. Few of our Chakram members got the car to pick up everyone from Sion and droped them safely back home. My friend SMS me saying, the driver drived fast and we reached home at 1.00am.

The Best part:
In Chakram Hikers, one best think I have noticed is that, the new leaders get all the authority to make decision, implement those, change those, make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. New leaders are definitely guided by the experienced one. But final decision is taken by the leader himself/herself.

Moreover many of Chakram members took their own cars to pick-up all trek members from Sion and drop them safely back to their home. Thatz what group is all about. Thanks to those who showed such spirit. Heads Off!

Also good leadership and calmness shown by Amol Deshmuhk, Saagar Deshpande, Parag Thorat & Manas Thorat. 3 Cheers to them all !

The height :

1. Welding machine: Can u in ur dreams think that welding machine go to Bhor when we just used it few min back. But it did :)

2. Asiad bus dashing new white BMW: When we thought all the tragedies are over. Our Asiad bus met with a small accident near Pune-Satara toll-naka. All we prayed was, "Hey bhagwan! aab is raat ko boring bana do.. bhagwan!" :)

Amol Deshmukh – Leader (M)
Saagar Deshpande – Co. Leader (M)

Parag Thorat – Dy. Leader (M)
Other Male participants:
Manas Thorat, Amey Paranjape, Gajendra Jadhav, Sriram Iyer
Female participants:
Sharvani Khare, Punit Thorat, Gautami Barve, Aditi Karnik, Arohi Atre, Maitri Bhatt, Apurva Paranjape, Ashwini Nawathe, Varada Nawathe, Pooja Chaudhari, Shamlayee Thakur, Priti Bhujbal, Aditi, Sayali Patil, Manasi Deshmukh, Saloni Modh and Tanvi Vaze.

My Views:
1. Girls/boys ratio:
Reading the experience above, you might have understood that it was a complicated trek. No decisions were working in our favor. Girls/boys ration was really pathetic. It was 18/7 with only 4 leaders. The complicated or nasty situations that we experienced during this trek, I myself think that the ratio between girls and boys participants should be either equal or in the reversed way. I still remember the tensed faces of the leaders. How much they try to hide their tension, one can clearly make out that they were tensed. Getting stuck in jungle with responsibility of 18 girls is a disaster.
2. Rules:
Again these are my views. And anyone disagree with it by all means. I started trekking under the guidance of best leaders. They were strict no doubt, but that made us perfect. You enjoy trekking, but that enjoyment also should have some limit and not bothering others. Sleeping time, departure time, summit time (with little flexibility) etc should be told to all the participants in advance and leader should see to it that everyone follows them

“All well that ends well”

* NOTE: I have written this blog very frankly. Have included all that I experienced during that trek, without favouring anyone. It was not to hurt anyone. It's not done intentionally. Sorry if anyone is hurt coz of me.

Really sorry!!!


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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Big NEWS of Big family is out…

Finally! The news of big family “THE BACHCHAN’S” is out. Mrs. Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan is pregnant. Wow! The whole world was eager to listen to ‘this’ news since her marriage to Mr. Jr. Bachchan (Abhishek). You might wonder how this can be true, or how this can happen, or curse yourself for being more eligible bachelor at that time but missing the change of meeting Ash before Abhishek took her away in marriage. Even before you shut your fully opened mouth, the news about Bachchan’s spread across THE GLOBE.

The media went way back in time when Dr. Mr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan married a Sikh-Punjabi girl from Faisalabad, Mrs. Teja Bachchan. Showing few of their so-called rare marriage photos. They then showed Mr. Big B marriage to Jaya Bachchan. Netherless to say Mr. Sr. Bachchan news never ends without Rekha’s interference. And with Rekha entry media went bla bla bla …

Media was over thrilled with the outbreak of this news. All these days they were wondering why the Bollywood diva had to re-do her dress at Cannes 2011. And so do millions of Indians. They were suspecting Aishwarya to be pregnant. And this time to their surprise they guess it right. Ash putting-on some XYZ KG was highlighted by media as if it’s a million dollar question and will influence the share market.

Media in India can also go to extend of created an ‘animated image of the baby’ with a blend of Ash-Abhi, Big B – Jaya.
Good height as Mr. Big B
Sense of humor from Jr. Mr. Bachchan
Dazzling eyes, lusty looks, sexy body, killing (?) smile like Mrs. Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan.
Power to control a home (and husband) like Mrs. Jaya Bachchan.

Within no time the news was out, I received a sms saying, “Ash pregnant. Big B is thrilled and as usual Abhishek has ‘NO IDEA’. Or the online news paper home page had news, “Salman Khan wishing a cricket team for Ash-Abhi”. The way Big B’s news always ends with Rekha in the background, Ash news ends with Salman’s quote. Poor people their life is put at mess.

I really pity the life of these people who are always under the spotlight. Media might have appointed a person to stand outside Jalsa and report each and every move made by Bachchan’s. Here comes Big B in terrace with a cup of coffee. Or is it Tea? We will soon provide an exclusive report as to what exactly Big B drinks every morning. Here enters Jaya and Ash together. They are the best saas-bhau in centuries. And finally here comes Abhi, The man. Everyone is holding a cup. What exactly is the whole family drinking together? Whole India and world want to know and so please watch MBTV India and we will bring an exclusive report of Bachchan’s family breakfast LIVE.

Oh no! It’s not a cup that they are holding. They have got eggs to throw at the media to leak this most secret news of the decade. Did Bachchan themselves went to market to buy this eggs? We will show an exclusive report. Don’t go away, keep watching MBTV India…

This is endless……………………………………….

Anyway, from my side…….. I am very happy for the Bachchans and bless the baby all the happiness. I know that baby will be born with a silver spoon and a media camera. But wish that baby a happy and private life.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tribute to Dr. Sudheer & Ruta Phatak

Mrs. Vaidehi (Ruta) & Mr. Sudheer Phatak

What happened was unfair…

Yesterday 11th June 2011 was a nightmare. The day started off badly with the news of sudden death of one local politician the previous night. Roads were jammed with those close to that politician. To add to the disaster, rains were heavy and nasty making it not so good. It turned worst when I received a call from my cousin sis Uma Patankar at around 9.00pm. She said, “I want to give you the shocking and horribly sad news. Are you alone at home?” I said, “No! Everyone is at home. What happened?” When someone calls you saying that he has some bad news, you think of an old sick person. I too though of few old people in their 80’s and sick. Unable to hold for too long I asked her to reveal the news.

She said, "Sudhir dada and Ruta Vahini cha car accident zala ahe ani te doghahi on the spot gele. Nilkhil la pan khoop lagala ahe ani to pan hospital madhe ahe”. [Dr. Sudheer Phatak, my cousin and his wife Ruta Vahini (Vaidehi Phatak) met with an accident on their way back to Pune from Mumbai and died on the spot. Their Son-in-law Mr. Nikhil Karkare is seriously injured and is admitted in the hospital].

I could not believe what I was listening. How can it be true? How can someone go away like this when he is so close of bringing his dream into reality?

Mr. Sudheer Phatak and Vaidehi Phatak together saw a dream of having an international standard school. They established "Millennium National School" in Karvenagar, Pune.

No school bags and no homework. The idea is not to create bookworms, but to have all round and well developed personalities. Students are also exposed systematically to 3 extra curricular activities every year. The sudden loss of a this two main poles of school will be noticed by all students and school staff.

That reminds me of few other people who too died at an early age of life.

This is really unfair…

Dr. Nitu Mandke who saw a dream of building a full equipped hospital with a helipad facility in Mumbai had a sudden death when he was in the middle of fulfilling his dream. A well-known cardiac surgeon himself died of a heart attack at the age of 53 (1st Jan 1948 to 22 May 2003). A person who dreamed of “Healthy India” himself had a very short life.

Mr. Anand Dighe who changed the look and feel of Thane state and if leaved longer would have changed the look of entire Mumbai also died at an early age of 50 (27th Jan 1951 to 27 Aug 2001). A man who dreamed of “Clean, swift and healthy India” too had a small life.

These are the most recent examples. Also if you turn history book pages, you will find that many good people had short life span.

Shrimant Bajirao Peshwa I: Also known as ‘Thorle’ or ‘Rau’ too had a life of barely 40 years (August 18, 1700 – April 28, 1740). Baji Rao, who fought over 41 battles, is reputed to have never lost one.

Nanasaheb Peshwa: He bought few good developments in Pune city and converted a small Pune village into a big Pune city. If lived longer would have contributed much more to the city. (8th Dec 1721 to 23rd Jun 1761)

Raghobadada Peshwa: I read it some diary of some xyz Kashmiri. In that he mentioned courageous Marathas (Raghobadada Peshwa, Shivaji Maharaj etc) whose rule went as far as Attock (now in Pakistan). He said, if Peshwa would have conquered Kashmir the history of Kashmir would have been something different. This warrior king who brought end of Muslim rule at Hindu religious places like Mathura, Vrindavan, Gaya, Kurukheshtra etc. and destroyed the Mugal rule died at the age of 48 (1st Aug 1734 – 1782).

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj also died when he was just 50 yes old. If that great king would have lived for many years, today the condition of India would have been different. He would and had power to stop British from entering our country. Just imagine where India would have stand if this would have ever happened. He was one of the greatest king who requires no words.

These are few of many examples to show that good people whose aim is pure, who spend entire life in the welfare of society lived a short life themselves. People who want to contribute something positive to the country never are blessed with a long life. On the other hand, we see that corrupt politicians, in spite of suffering from chronic illness leave a long life. Not only that, a terrorist also leaves a wealthy and safe life in this country.

WHY? Destiny?

I know we can’t change our destiny nor do we have any control over our death. But then few things make me uneasy..

A person like Dr. Sudheer Phatak who had some vision for future India and willingly contribute positively things in the society, who through education wanted to change the next generation thinking, who wanted next generation to grow in all areas, wanted them to understand difference between good and bad and after finishing their education wanted them to rule the country in a good mannered, that person die at an early age.

What hurts more is that, a person who is a safety freak and has installed safety seat belts to each and every seat in his school bus, dies in a road accident. Reason: Tire bust making a person helpless.

These are the people who have courage to bring their dreams into reality. These are the people who can contribute many positive things to the society and to the nation.

Anger with the divine god, all mighty..

It is not that I am unorthodox. I do believe in some divine power. Till the time we can’t explain "death", I think I do believe in all mighty ‘God’. But few things do keep on pinching me…

It’s said that whenever there is lot of evil things in the society and when those evil things rule over the truth, god takes birth (Avatar) on the earth. God has to take avatar for the destruction of evil and to bring back peace on this planet. It’s said that today we are leaving in ‘Kali yug’ (Hindu religion belief) wherein there is lot of ill things, lot of destruction, lot of dissatisfaction etc. in the society. And when these ill or evil things will reach its peak, god will be born, god will take his last Avatar of "Kalki" to destroy the evil and rebuilt the power of truth is what we Hindus believe.

My question here is… Why god has to take birth on this planet? Don’t you think it is he who kills good people and give long life to evil people? He gives short life span to those who want to contribute to the society in a positive way. And he gives long life to those whose aim is to spread uneasiness, corruption, dissatisfaction etc. The only aim of these evil people is to loot the country wealth and charm. But they are untouched. Moreover these people having long lasting life so they keep on looting the country for many such years.

Is it that god himself want to show that he is the diving power and no one is above him? Does he want human beings to always keep in mind that the final destination of all human being “Death” or “Life and death” is only and only controlled by him, making him all mighty? Does he fear that if he gives long life-span to good people, they might build heaven on earth which will reduce his popularity?

And when these questions are unanswered… we again believe in destiny, faith and God… Life and death chakras…

* Dr. Sudheer Phatak: the founder and main brain behind Millennium National School project in Pune. Dr. Phatak obtained his Ph.D. in Physics from New York, USA. He was a Professor of Physics at University of Rochester, New York and University of Mumbai. He is a leading educationist and is credited with new systems of learning in schools through modern technology. He has over 15 years of experience in setting up and running schools. He is widely acknowledged all over India for his vision on using modern technology in schools.

* Mrs. Vaidehi Phatak is a co-ordinator in the Millennium National School. She maintains the quality in academics and food. She oversees and plans activities like the annual gathering. She is the Human Resources Manager and manages all the day to day activities of the school.

I know for sure that the next generation of Dr. Sudhir Phatak and Mrs. Vaidehi Phatak and their son-in-laws are capable of making their parents dream come into reality. I wish them all lots of success in their project. Mrs. Arpita Karkare, Mr. Nikhil Karkare, Mr. Anchit Phatak, Mrs. Neha Phatak, Miss. Anchita Phatak.

“Millennium National School entering a millennium year of establishment” is what we all pray for.

About Millennium National School… (Video – Exclusive report on SAAM TV)

We all are and will always be proud of you!